Kasparov versus Anand | The Inside Story of the 1995 World Chess Championship | By Patrick Wolff, International Grandmaster

Behind the Scenes Reporting and In-Depth Analysis from Anand's Second, the 1995 U.S. Champion

Kasparov versus Anand: The Inside Story of the 1995 World Chess Championship Match is the definitive account of one of the most anticipated world title matches in chess history. Challenger Viswanathan Anand of India was in the lead after nine games at the top of New York's World Trade Center, but champion Garry Kasparov of Russia mounted a ferocious comeback to keep his crown.

In addition to complete descriptions and analyses of all the match games, this volume includes comprehensive background on both players and authoritative coverage of events surrounding the match. To complete the story of the match, appendices provide 90 supplemental games: all of the previous encounters between the champion and challenger, plus all of the games from the 1994-1995 candidates' matches, including Anand's exciting victory over American finalist Gata Kamsky. Since Kasparov has yet to face his next challenger this book stands as the definitive record of the most recent championship match.

Author Patrick Wolff is uniquely qualified to take readers behind the scenes of the 1995 world chess championship match and reveal the full story both on and off the board. Since 1990 he has been an international grandmaster and one of the highest-ranked players in America, and in 1992 he won the U.S. championship for the first time. In that same year he began working with his friend Viswanathan Anand, preparing him for several match victories over leading grandmasters during his rise to the top. In 1995 he was a member of the Anand team during the summer training camp and the fall championship match, and then went on to win his second U.S. championship title in December. The technical editor of American Chess Journal, Patrick Wolff is an acclaimed and trusted chess analyst and writer known for his sincere, personal reporting and precise, in-depth annotations.

Beautifully designed and produced high-quality paperback with figurine algebraic notation, glossy color cover, and sewn signatures designed to last. Illustrated with 107 diagrams, 3 tables, 2 scoresheet reproductions, and 32 photographs, including 14 exclusives from Roland Pierre Trandafir. 6 x 9 inch format, 192 pages.

Published in March 1996
ISBN 1-888281-03-0
Suggested retail price $14.95
Kasparov versus Anand: The Inside Story of the 1995 World Chess Championship Match -- already acclaimed as a classic of chess literature.

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Readers and Reviewers of Kasparov versus Anand Say ...

"A unique and compelling insider's view of the exciting match at the top of the world."
Yasser Seirawan

"Thorough, instructive, and entertaining. The best book about the 1995 match, and one of the best world chess championship books ever."
Bruce Pandolfini

"Wolff is a terrific analyst ... He's back in full flower in Kasparov versus Anand ... Wonderfully honest in his judgments ... a genuine "insider's" look at the strategy and emotions ... Anyone who stocks his library with at least one book on every world title contest will definitely prefer this one for the 1995 match."
Virginia Chess

"The concept is an excellent one, to have a second tell the inside story of such a historical match, and in this case the execution matches the concept ... a peek into the laboratory of a top grandmaster ... a rare insignt into a grandmaster hard at work on his game ... Wolff writes what he thinks and the result is an entertaining and instructive piece of work."
California Chess Journal

"The insider perspective and the exceptional annotations make this book the best currently available account of the championship."
Deutsche Schachzeiting / Schach-Report

"This book does deliver from an insider's perspective, and in a big way ... Wolff has plumbed the analytical depths with his comprehensive annotations and presented them in a breezy, readable style ... an oustanding effort ... our choice: run with the Wolff."
The Chess Cafe

"As handsome a chess book as I can recall seeing in some time. The layout is clean and readable, unlike so many chess books, and the text is supplemented with many wonderful and well-produced photographs ... The best book on a world championship match since Kasparov's work on the London-Leningrad match (1986). I have no doubt that this will stand as the essential match book for Kasparov versus Anand 1995."
The Chess Journalist

"To have an expert writing on a world championship match is a treat, but to have a chief aide of Viswanathan Anand do so is a blessing. This is what Wolff has achieved ... promises to be one of the best world championship books ever written ... Wolff's analyses are done in his usual thorough manner."
Chess Asia

"An excellent job ... likely to be the definitive account of the match ... probably the best world championship match book since No Regrets on Fischer-Spassky II, this book is highly recommended."
The Week In Chess

"One of the best match books we have ever seen."
En Passant

"By far the best book on the match."
Chess Horizons

"A graceful blend of lively reportage and first-class analysis. Chess lovers won't be able to put it down."
Fred Waitzkin

"Wolff has tackled the critical moments of this match with tremendous elegance and vigor. He has written a fascinating book that sheds light on life in the trenches of world championship warfare."
Josh Waitzkin


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