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Winner of 24 awards from the Chess Journalists of America for its three issues, American Chess Journal (ACJ) was a unique quality paperback book/magazine hybrid featuring the best chess analysis, writing, and illustration in the world. ACJ was published from 1992-1995 and edited by Christopher Chabris, Timothy Hanke, and Patrick Wolff.

All issues are out of print, but PDF files of the complete issues may be downloaded via the links below.

Selected articles from ACJ appear in full at this site, some updated and web-enhanced from their original printed versions, and can be found as links via the tables of contents listed below. Other articles are represented by excerpts, quotes, and/or brief summaries.

ACJ Extra

At American Chess Journal we had more top-quality chess writing than we could publish in our printed pages. Below is a selection of original, previously unpublished articles and reviews, plus electronic reprints of articles by our authors and editors that you may not have seen when they were originally published. These appeared on the ACJ website during the 1990s but have been offline since the early 2000s.

Readers and Reviewers of American Chess Journal Said ...

"In-depth analysis, human interest, great writing, and beautiful design: A winning combination!"
Bruce Pandolfini

"Stylishly written and produced with an emphasis on the human side of the game. A delight."
Fred Waitzkin

"Precise and enthralling. A breath of fresh air in chess literature."
Frank Brady

"A stunning presentation."
Magazine Week

"The Aston-Martin of chess publications ... high-performance articles and restrained, stylish design ... excellent writing and translation ... state-of-the-art."
Atlantic Chess News

"Handsome and well-edited. We stand up and cheer."

"Major articles of historic significance. A showpiece."
Worcester Telegram

"A real treat. I kept reading without a pause or anything else on my mind."
Chess Mate

"Like a fine wine it deserves to be savored slowly."
Middlesex News

"Stylish and professional ... the writing and editing is of high standard throughout ... incredibly detailed analysis ... a beautiful and inviting magazine."
Virginia Chess

"Almost too good to be true."
British Chess Magazine

"Nicely produced ... an intelligent read."
Scottish Chess Magazine

"The standard of writing is very high."
Larry Evans

"Interesting reading and excellent presentation. Highly recommended."
George Koltanowski

"The only magazine in the world with in-depth articles on chess history.Top-notch reading."
Dale Brandreth

"Meets the highest standards of editorial quality. I am truly impressed."
Burt Hochberg

"First-rate work is evident throughout."
The Chess Cafe

"Too many chess publishers seem to think that their readers are chumps. It's refreshing to see the work of the exceptions."
The Chess Journalist

"Some of the finest scholarly work of our time ... ACJ is making a contribution to chess history."
California Chess Journal

"Perhaps the finest chess periodical to appear in this century! The production values are first-rate and the content just blew me away. An absolute must for every chess fan."
Eric Schiller

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